WEBINAR RECORDING: Unpacking the JobKeeper Program – Alternative Decline in Turnover Tests

Cooper Partners Webinar

Our recent webinar held on Tuesday 28 April 2020 runs through the latest on the JobKeeper Program.

The Government released the eagerly anticipated JobKeeper Alternative Decline in Turnover Tests late last week.  For many employers, the JobKeeper Payment scheme is a vital subsidy and the difference of being able to retain their workforce or not. 

With the release of this new legislative instrument, entire new classes of employers can possibly now qualify for JobKeeper.

In our webinar, we provided an update on this new development with practical examples as to how these new tests will apply.

  • Who can rely on the alternative tests?
  • Are you one of the 7 classes of entities to which the test can now apply?
  • How do the alternative tests work?
  • What are the new comparable periods of testing?
  • Has your industry been heard? We will look specifically at:
    • construction businesses;
    • corporate and business restructures;
    • start-ups;
    • growing businesses;
    • farming; and
    • junior explorers.
  • If your circumstance isn’t covered, is there any ability to ask for the Commissioner’s discretion?

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This webinar is current as of 28 April 2020, however, please note that announcements and changes are being made by the Government and the ATO regularly, and we expect that the tax and business-related responses will continue to evolve.  Please contact us to discuss.